Write the Vision, & Make it Plain...
Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created!

She Builds Legacy is a faith-based network built for women entrepreneurs to align themselves to both the Word of God concerning their purpose, and to gain momentum, inspiration, innovative ideas, and business strategies, to build out and monetize their dreams, walking BRAVELY in their purpose.

Plan To Prosper Challenge: Master Class

Learn my proven system for utilizing the most current "what's working now" strategies to create a step-by-step customized plan to start and grow your business.

Isn't it time to create the business you've always imagined. Absolutely, you might say... Problem is you're not sure how to implement all the particulars that go along with new business. You don't know all of the nuances of structure, organization, and your sales (or the lack thereof) show it.

Plan To Prosper Challenge (Master Class) offers 5 Power Packed Days of insightful coaching; exploration, assessment, strategic planning, + profit exploration, and strategic insight.

Your business frustrations are over. Your next level starts now! Your clarity on specifics, with measurable growth tactics is here.

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Plan To Prosper:
Beyond the Challenge

There's an old adage that says, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!"

I couldn't agree more, but taken a step further even with a plan, some find implementation to be a place of discord. Sure, you have your goals written out, and the deadlines to go along with them, but the real is, the moment things don't pan out the way you think they should you're set back, discouraged and ready to throw in the towel.

Planning is one thing, progressing the plan is a whole different game plan. A great deal of the time new business owners or those aspiring to be, get started out of passion and lack a functional plan... the Plan To Prosper Challenge (Master Class) is a great start yet, you must go beyond writing the vision to working the plan.

Plan To Prosper: Beyond the Challenge offers a breakthrough in strategic progression; an actual implementation of the 90 Day BluePrint created during the 5-Day Plan To Prosper Master Class.

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Plan To Prosper Vision Board Workshop!

Join the Plan To Prosper Workshop: Vision Board Party! to get inspired, manifest your dreams, and stay focused.


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